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Milker Digital is one of the top WiX Marketplace agenies having completed over 200 projects including being a preferred vendor for WiX Enterprise where we build highly complex platforms never considered possible on the WiX platform.  Whatever you need done, whether its small and simple OR large and wild, you are in the best hands.

Welcome from the

WiX Marketplace

Tricky animation? Getting a repeater to populate? Making a button do a weird thing? "Sticky" not working right?  Let us know, and we will knock it out.

Small Tasks

Creating a new logo? Want guidance of a brand book? Can't get the site to look just right? Wondering how to best add a form?  Meet our Designers!

Asset Design

Migrating an old website?  Try one on your own but want to start over?  Don't have time and want us to just do it?  We can build them quick!

Web Design

Our premiere service develops a minimally viable product for just $5k.  If you don't know how amazing this deal is, let's set up a meeting.

$5k MVP

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